Song of the Day: Third Eye Blind–Semi-Charmed Life

I had no idea what this song was about when I first heard it in junior high. Honestly, I didn’t know what “bumped” meant in the context of this song until maybe… a coupla years ago? But it was one of my favorite songs in ninth grade, and I think was a harbinger of the sort of thing I would end up gravitating toward once high school came around and I moved on from pop music.

It’s got a good beat, some good syncopation, and a catchy chorus. I remember that there were a lot of different versions of the song depending on where you heard it. The End, Seattle’s alternative station, played the song in its entirety, while the two major soft rock/pop stations I occasionally listened to/was subjected to played a slightly different version of the song which basically avoided the part of the bridge where everything gets dark. MTV played yet another version of the song which contained more of the bridge, but avoided the overt drug references at the end.

In retrospect, it’s pretty interesting how the song was more-or-less stripped of its meaning depending on where you heard it, and I kinda wonder what Stephen Jenkins and co. thought of the ways their song was neutered.

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