Song of the Day, Whimsy Friday edition: The Aquabats – Pizza Day

I haven’t posted a song of the day in a while, but to make up for it (kind of), here’s one that’s appropriate on multiple levels. For one, it’s very silly, making it perfect for Whimsy Friday. In addition, anyone who knows me knows that I love pizza (perhaps to a fault) so the fact that this week’s dose of silliness deals specifically with the awesomeness of pizza just makes it that much better. The fact that Friday is even Pizza Day in the context of the song is the icing on the metaphorical cake.

I first came across this song as the result of a trip to Southern California that found me and a couple of friends staying with Lisa Huey, who crammed her house so full of people the second night we were there that people literally slept on the deck outside of her apartment. Most everyone was headed toward Ska Summit, an event which was sadly happening shortly after the end of my trip.  Lisa included Pizza Day on a 2-CD compilation for the drive from LA to Vegas (if I remember the details right), and generously gave us copies of it to commemorate our inability to join them.

That’s a lot of words for one silly song. Happy Friday!

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