Song of the Day, Whimsy Friday edition: Facing New York – Cops on Bikes

With the weekend coming, it semeed appropriate to once again infuse Friday with a little bit of extra whimsy. I may start doing this regularly, but since “regularly” on this blog means something more like “every few weeks” that might not really mean much.

In any case, Facing New York’s Cops on Bikes is a nice, jammy way to get your weekend started, with just enough inertia to help you finish the day out.  I was initially disappointed with FNY’s Get Hot, in part because their previous self-titled album was just shy of pseudo-progressive brilliance. With Get Hot, the pretension was excised and replaced with an ease of creating and playing music that I initially mistook for a lack of vision or inspiration. After a few spins, though, I’ve come around and really like it, even if it still feels like a pretty drastic departure.

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