Song of the Day: Swingin’ Utters – Five Lessons Learned

My taste in music didn’t really start to develop into what it is today until high school. I had a few friends with much better taste than me who introduced me to artists and genres that I’m still listening to a decade later.

At first, I liked specific songs rather than albums, and would cherry-pick from their music collections to create compilations, which doesn’t sound like anything special until you realize that the general public had no idea what an mp3 was at the time and CD burners still cost hundreds of dollars. Between the ridiculously catchy main guitar hook and the syncopation, this song got its hooks in me early and demanded that I put it on one of these compilations, though the rest of the album didn’t resonate with me until much later.

Instead of waxing too much nostalgic, I’ll just add that this song (and the same-titled album as a whole, really) is a great way to get moving on a rainy, early Monday like today.

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