Song of the Day: Ben Folds/Nick Hornby – Levi Johnston’s Blues

For the record, I meant to post this this morning, but then I ran out of time. This is what happens when you get it in your head that the only possible option for breakfast is bacon and bacon grease-infused eggs. Life is hard sometimes.

Anyway, this song represents everything that works with Ben Folds and Nick Hornby’s collaboration. It’s just the right mix of clever, poppy and smarmy. It imagines what it must’ve been like for Levi Johnston to realize that his life was never going to be the same having gotten Bristol Palin pregnant, and the way he may or may not have reeled upon hearing the news. The chorus, while a little profane, captures exactly the way a teenager might react to the news that not only was his girlfriend pregnant, but her mother was running for vice president. It’s exactly the kind of belligerent posturing you’d expect from a kid who doesn’t know what else to do with his suddenly very bizarre life circumstances.

Let’s call this an infusion of whimsy for your weekend.

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