Beer is a good time.

So I think I’m going to start posting about the beer I drink. Why?  Because I drink a lot of good beer, and I feel like I need to share this fact with the world. Besides, this is my blog; I’ll do what I want. In some cases somewhat drunkenly.

Anyway, i went to the Green Frog tonight. If you’ve never been to Bellingham, WA, and you ever plan to go there, and you like beer (lots of caveats) do not under any circumstances leave without going to the Green Frog. James Hardesty, the proprietor of this establishment, is completely awesome.

Anyway, tonight I started with Full Sail’s Spotless IPA. In general, the hoppier the beer, the better, which is not really good for tasting beer and writing about it considering that my palate gets wrecked pretty quickly, but Spotless was something a little different. Have you ever had a beer aged in a whiskey barrel? That’s kind of what Spotless tasted like to me, and the result wasn’t all that great, although it grew on me as time went on. It came on a little caustic, but finished relatively smoothly. 5/10.

Next, I had Everybody’s Brewing’s Cash Oatmeal Stout. Since I started with an IPA, I figured i needed something strong as a chaser so that my wrecked palate would still be able to discern something. Honestly, I kind of like porters better than stouts, because porters tend to be smoky and flavorful, but Cash Oatmeal Stout definitely left an impression. It had foam that reminded me of a beer that was poured on nitro, but it wasn’t, it was just that smooth. 7/10.

Following that, I switched back to IPA with Yakima Craft’s. There was nothing particularly wrong with this beer, except that it was a little too caramel-forward, and lacked the bite I expect out of an IPA. 4/10, but only because it was closer to a red than an IPA to me.

I finished with New Belgium’s Eric’s Ale. By this time, you would think my palate was unable to distinguish much of anything, but Eric’s was like a suckerpunch in the best possible way. It was extremely tart, which made a perfect finisher, because I could still taste that even after I’d had a few. You can find this in stores in 22 oz. bottles, and while it’s probably not quite as good as what I had on tap, it’s still totally worth checking out. 8/10.

In the future, maybe I’ll write little mini-posts from my phone while I’m actually drinking these beers, but I’m kind of in-between phones right now, so I didn’t have access to Tumblr.

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