Odin Ruby Ale

Odin Ruby Ale at Lava Lounge in Seattle. This place is too dark to really see what it looks like, but it certainly hits the spot. Almost porterish in body, it’s not what I expected, but there’s nothing wrong with that… most of the time, anyway.

‘09 Full Sail Black Gold. I’ll be honest, I was a bit nonplussed the first time I had this, but this pint—aged a year, and served on a cask engine—is nothing short of glorious. Aging has allowed the flavors to blend such that every sip is a little different. I was about to describe it as a little more tart than the non-aged version, but another sip revealed a stronger chocolate element. Seriously amazing.

Schooner Exact Puget Soundian Dark Ale. Schooner Exact makes some excellent beer and this is no exception. Not hoppy enough to be a black IPA, not smooth enough to be a porter, this occupies a middle ground I didn’t know existed. Recommended.

Mad River Steelhead Double IPA. I usually have a hard time with double IPAs, because I often find them to be too close to a regular IPA to warrant the designation “double”. This Guy is a good time, though, and hits a nice sweet spot between the crisp regular IPA and the sweetness of an imperial. Highly recommended.

‘08 Full Sail Wassail. Unlike Titan IPA, this is much better on tap than in the bottle, though that may be partly due to aging. Tart but strong, I don’t know that I’d want this in the dead of winter, but it’s really nice on an abnormally nice October day.

Great Divide Titan IPA. Totally different on tap than it is out of the bottle. Wheatiness becomes something more akin to maltiness, and some or the crispness is lost. It’s not often that a beer is better in the bottle than on two, but this may be one or those times. Requires more research.