Song of the Day 4.30.11

I’m knee-deep in a 6-day-long stretch at work (which will be followed by a 4 day weekend, so it’s totally worth it) so today’s song choice is something to get me (and hopefully you) moving. Hot Water Music’s A Flight and a Crash took a long time to truly grow on me, but the title track is so awesome that I’d put the album on just to listen to it, and then slog my way through the rest.

What I appreciate in particular about HWM’s last few albums is the fact that they’ve clearly played together for a long time and have a great rapport that comes through in every song.


Hot Water Music - A Flight and a Crash

Song of the Day 04.19.11

A Wilhelm Scream’s Career Suicide is one of my favorite albums, and “The Horse” is one of my favorite songs on the album. The lyrics don’t make a ton of sense to me, but in this case that’s not the point, and they do tell a story, it’s just… esoteric.

What I like about “The Horse” is that while it comes on strong initially, it pulls back for an awesome build and continues in waves of build release throughout its nearly 5 minute run time until by the end the final climax is a culmination of all of that building. Note to Coldplay: this is how you craft a song that goes somewhere rather than building to a nonexistent climax and boring the crap out of your listener.

A Wilhelm Scream - The Horse

Whimsy Friday 4.8.11

It’s a little weird posting something weekend-oriented and celebratory on what amounts to my Sunday, but it’s still Friday and I’ve been meaning to post this song for a while, so here you go!

“Talk To Me, Dance With Me” shouldn’t really appeal to me much, being someone whose dancing skills are somewhere between embarrassing and nonexistent, but something about it really resonates with me. Make Up The Breakdown is easily Hot Hot Heat’s best album, and full of this sort of bouncy, catchy ridiculousness. Highly recommended.

Hot Hot Heat - Talk To Me, Dance With Me

Notes from The Great iPod Experiment A-B

I’ve now listened to everything on my iPod through the letter B, and as a bonus, I don’t have anything on there that starts with C (sorry, Catch 22, I’m not sure how/when you got deleted) so I’ve moved right on to D! Part of why I’m doing this is because I want to get a feel for just how much of the 30 gigs of music on my iPod is what I’d consider essential (or at least not deletion-worthy), and to this point, I’ve really enjoyed every album I’ve listened to. Granted, not all of them make particularly great driving music, but I haven’t been wanted to skip anything yet either.

A few albums that I don’t listen to very often stood out:

Against Me!’s Stolen Searching for a Former Clarity demos: Back in 2004, a CD of 8 demos was stolen from Against Me! and posted on the Internet.  Some of them eventually found their way to Clarity in a more polished form, but a few of them were relegated to demo purgatory. What struck me listening to these demos is not only how good they still are, but also how easily I recognized every track. I still like the electric “How Low” better than the acoustic version that was eventually recorded for Clarity.

Arctic Monkeys’ Humbug: I never really gave this album the time it deserved when it came out, and I still think that it’s kind of unfortunate that they ditched the slightly punkish edge in favor of a darker, moodier sound, but it works better than I initially gave it credit for. Here’s hoping Suck It and See has a little more inertia.

Blink 182’s s/t: Another album that I never really gave proper time to, this one is a more dynamic mix of uptempo and broodier stuff than I remembered it being. I still think Take Off Your Pants and Jacket is a much better, catchier, and generally more listenable album, but I can’t deny that there’s more raw talent on display in Blink 182 and as an arty, slightly indulgent bid for respect and legitimacy from a band that previously had a serious case of arrested development (see: “Happy Holidays, You Bastard”), it’s not bad.

Since I can’t stop posting music in every post, here’s a song!

Against Me - How Low

Wordbooker Test

If you’re friends with me on Facebook, you may have seen the note that I posted about my blog, but that was an unintended effect of trying to import my RSS feed into Facebook, which at one point was the easiest way to crosspost content from WordPress to Facebook. I’ve discovered a WP plugin called Wordbooker this morning, so I’m testing it out before I head to work.

To make this post less boring, here’s a song! “He Said” by The Hippos is probably my favorite track on Heads Are Gonna Roll, in part because it’s one of the few songs that isn’t primarily about girls and whining about them. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but by the time you get to the end of the album, it’s a nice change of pace.

The Hippos - He Said

Song of the Day 04.04.11

I’m probably going to actually start posting these with some regularity (and maybe even live up to the “of the day” moniker) since the WordPress plugin I’m using to post them makes it a whole lot easier to do so, but I’ll miss the album art of the old Flash player.

Regardless, Jimmy Eat World’s Bleed American is a near-perfect album from start to finish (I’m sorry, Clarity is just too… slow as a whole), and the opener/title track kicks things into high gear immediately. I’ll admit that I wasn’t a fan when it first came out, but coming to it later let me avoid a lot of the hype that surrounded the album when The Middle and Sweetness both blew up and helped the album go platinum. I always appreciated the fact that they managed to finish the album by touring relentlessly in Europe, having been unceremoniously dropped from Capitol Records, but the music just didn’t pull me in initially.

These days, though, this song gets stuck in my head pretty regularly, so I might as well get it stuck in your head, too. Enjoy!

Jimmy Eat World - Bleed American

A blog about the blog.

So I’ve moved my blog to WordPress, which I think is much more flexible and interesting than Tumblr, but right now is also exceptionally plain and uninteresting. I’m going to keep working on it, but this will absolutely never be the prettiest blog on the block, and I’m OK with that.

One reason why I made the change was because I stopped using Comcast a few months ago and just yesterday realized that all the music I’d ever posted got eaten when I canceled. To remedy that, I’ve set up independent hosting, this shiny new domain and, as mentioned, an extremely plain WordPress. I also have a plugin that allows me to easily post music, which I’ve demonstrated below.

Welcome to the future!

Boy Sets Fire - 12 Step Hammer Program