Stone Sublimely Self-Righteous Ale – Less hoppy than some black IPAs, it nonetheless makes a nice chaser for a hoppy and a malty first and second rounds. James wins for recommending it.

‘08 Jolly Roger – The tinge of hard alcohol aftertaste that’s always present in Jolly Roger increases with age, but it adds body and flavor. Also, I couldn’t drink it and not post about it, lest Peter not be immortally jealous of me.

Song of the Day: Swingin’ Utters – Five Lessons Learned

My taste in music didn’t really start to develop into what it is today until high school. I had a few friends with much better taste than me who introduced me to artists and genres that I’m still listening to a decade later.

At first, I liked specific songs rather than albums, and would cherry-pick from their music collections to create compilations, which doesn’t sound like anything special until you realize that the general public had no idea what an mp3 was at the time and CD burners still cost hundreds of dollars. Between the ridiculously catchy main guitar hook and the syncopation, this song got its hooks in me early and demanded that I put it on one of these compilations, though the rest of the album didn’t resonate with me until much later.

Instead of waxing too much nostalgic, I’ll just add that this song (and the same-titled album as a whole, really) is a great way to get moving on a rainy, early Monday like today.

Song of the Day: Streetlight Manifesto – Day In, Day Out

Catch 22’s Keasbey Nights is one of my favorite albums. In high school, my friends and I all shared a lot of music, but actually owning the music I grabbed from them was a big deal to me, so I can clearly remember the day I found a CD of Keasbey at now-defunct Tower Records in Bellevue. 

Many years later, Tomas Kalnoky caught wind that Victory Records was going to release a remastered (read: almost identical) version of Keasbey Nights and decided that he’d rather re-record the entire album with his more recent band, Streetlight Manifesto. He had never been particularly happy with the way the original Keasbey sounded, and savored the opportunity to right what he felt were past wrongs (I personally think he’s insane and that the original Keasbey sounds great, but Kalnoky regularly re-records single songs for different albums and projects, so it’s likely he’s just an insatiable perfectionist). 

Today’s song comes from the fruits of that labor, and while I think that in general, Streetlight’s re-recording of Keasbey Nights borders on unnecessary and is certainly non-essential, a few songs really benefited from the treatment, and this is one of them. Originally, Day In, Day Out simply repeated the same verse twice before moving on to the bridge, whereas now there are two distinct verses, the second of which adds a lot of texture to the meaning of the song. I still don’t know why the narrator ends up “alone/in my room/with a bucket full of phlegm” but I’m OK with that.

Oskar Blues Old Double Bagger Barleywine. I don’t usually drink barleywines, but this is awesome. Strong and smooth all at once, with a crisp finish that belies how strong it really is.

Black Raven Brown Porter. Definitely more brown than porter, but tasty nonetheless. Nutty, caramel-y and sufficiently fallish for a day that felt like fall until suddenly it didn’t.