‘08 Lagunitas Brown Shugga. Not tue biggest fan of the regular stuff, it definitely gains body and sweetness in the aging process. Good times.

‘09 Maritime Pacific Jolly Roger. The mostly-over-before-I-took-it nature of the picture should tell you everything you need to know about it.

Song of the Day: Rx Bandits – Crushing Destroyer

When Rx Bandits’ …And the Battle Begun came out, I became obsessed with it for months. I listened to other albums occasionally, but more often than not, when it was over, I just let ATBB loop back to the first track and listened again. Only one other album has had this kind of effect on me in the past decade.

Crushing Destroyer is the album’s closer, a passionate plea for a change in the world’s status quo (see also: A Wilhelm Scream’s We Built This City! (On Debts And Booze)) that deftly encompasses the message of the album as a whole one last time. The calm of the first verse allows the band to slowly build until the first chorus explodes, driving forward at full speed until the the end of the bridge, allowing for a little quiet before the big finish. 

Lost Coast Great White. Not the first time I’ve had it, and definitely won’t be the last. Supremely smooth and light. Smooth enough for the most squeamish of beer drinkers.

I asked the bartender to surprise me, and she poured a “Dirty Girl”, which is primarily Boneyard’s Girl Beer, topped off with their Black 13. It’s very drinkable, a combination of hops and malt that tastes somewhat like a brown, but more distinctive.

Silver City Fat Scotch. Very malty, to the point of being too caramel-y for my taste. Then again, I’m spoiled by Boundary Bay’s Scotch, arguably the best in existence.