Song of the Day: The Bird and the Bee – Polite Dance Song

This was one of the many songs I “woke up” to this morning (it took me an hour, shut up), and deserves singling out for its name and concept if nothing else. It’s easy to imagine a bunch of people dancing along to it in a carefully calculated, inoffensive way. Or maybe that’s just me.

TBATB is a little overly whimical for me to listen to all the time, but in the right mood (and in this case, as a means of extracting myself from bed) it works.

Song of the Day: Bandits of the Acoustic Revolution – It’s A Wonderful Life

Soon I’ll start posting something other than music, but for now, this is what I woke up to this morning. It’s part of a 5-song EP released by a music collective (19 people seems like more than just a “band,” and not everyone plays on every track) masterminded by Tomas “Catch 22/Streetlight Manifesto” Kalnoky and released back in 2001 in extremely limited numbers. You can now get it here, which I highly recommend if you like this song. The EP is short, but totally, thoroughly awesome.